From the origins to the third millennium: the dinasty of Master Perfumers that has given birth to unique fragrances, selecting the most precious essences and employing even today artisan production techniques that have been abandoned by the modern industry.

The brand’s origins

The House of Creed was founded in London by James Creed (1710-1798) who became the supplier of custom-made clothes, scented leather gloves and commissioned fragrances for the Royal Court.

Creed’s first fragrance

James Creed makes scented leather gloves for King George III, so that he can wear them and appreciate their fragrance when riding his steed. The sovereign commissions Creed to create the house’s first perfume: Royal English Leather, where mandarin lightens the impetuous character of the intense leathery notes, all refined by the presence of jasmine.

Henry Creed,
2° Descendent

Henry Creed II,
3° Descendent

Henry Creed II’s great creative flair allowed the House to cross English borders and become known for its refinement and originality among the major rulers of Europe and their Courts: from Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenia to Francesco Giuseppe and Elisabetta d’Austria and Hungary, up to Queen Cristina of Spain.
At the behest of Empress Eugenia of France, wife of Napoleon III, the Master Perfumer Henry Creed II settled in Paris under the protection of the ruler.
Maison Creed receives several awards from the Royal Courts of Europe for its excellence in creating fragrances with unparalleled manufacture.
Diploma of Queen Victoria of England Empress of the Indies (3 March, 1855)
Diploma of Queen Dona Maria Cristina of Spain (25 June, 1855)
Diploma of Empress Eugenia and Napoleon III Emperor of the French (18 October, 1855)
Diploma of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and Empress Sissi (12 April, 1875)

Henry Creed,
4° Descendent

James Henry Creed,
5° Descendent

Olivier Henry Creed is born,
6° Descendent

Since Olivier Creed came of age, he passionately dedicated himself to the family business and became the author of various compositions considered among the most beautiful and original of modern Perfumery. He was also responsible for the introduction of the concept of"Millesime" into the world of Creed perfumes, a terminology created to identify the best champagnes produced by a single grape variety when the harvest is at its quality peak. Creed’s millesime perfumes are made on the basis of very similar production principles. In fact, Olivier Creed personally selects, during his frequent travels, the most noble essences and his fragrances contain raw materials of the highest quality. The traditional infusion technique, abandoned with modern industrial manufacturing practices, is kept alive by Olivier Creed, a craftsman in love with quality, who can thus preserve all the originality and excellence of his compositions. The formulations are weighed, mixed, macerated and filtered by hand with James Creed’s purest tradition.


Worn by the enchanting Grace Kelly on her wedding day, Fleurissimo was reworked by Olivier Creed in 1972. A regal bouquet where the wild flower’s immediacy, the iris’s sophisticated swirls, the bitter-sweet contrast with the tuberose and Bulgarian rose, marry the sensuality of ambergris.

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Erwin Creed is born,
7° Descendent

A convinced and enthusiastic heir of family art, he collaborates in the laboratory with his father. He joined great Noses in their work and is now continuing his preparation as Senior Perfumer. He contributed to the creation of Original Vetiver, Love In White, Fleurs de Gardenia and Virgin Island Water, to name a few.

Green Irish Tweed

Created in 1977 by Olivier Creed and then reworked by himself in 1985, Green Irish Tweed is an exclusive marriage of opposite, rare and sophisticated essences. The generous presence of ambergris in the base notes, among the highest in the world of perfumery, makes it truly unique.

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Original Vetiver

The first four-hand sonata by Olivier Creed with his son Erwin’s contribution. A combination of noble essences where harmonious citrus tones bring grace to the warm, sensual waves of vetiver and oriental wood and the wise use of spicy hints give it a slight sparkle.

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The Maison’s first 250 years of history

To pay homage to this important milestone, Olivier Creed created 250 Years Anniversary, an extraordinary combination of most noble ingredients dear to him. The bottle, numbered and finely worked on by hand, is autographed by the Master Perfumer and was made in just a thousand copies. An authentic collector's piece for passionate fans of the brand. In the same year Les Royales Exclusives was born, a prestigious collection of fragrances so particular that they can only be produced in extremely limited quantities. With symphonies of rare and natural essences, these regal perfumes contain ingredients that have marked the history of perfumery and acquire a new, fascinating light in the hands of Monsieur Creed.

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Creed's 250-year milestone sees the birth of the perfume that has conquered and continues to conquer women and men of all ages without distinction. Today considered a true legend in the Artistic Perfumery market, Aventus expresses the courage and desire to dare. It represents an ardent expectation, the moment that precedes something great and surprising. For those who consider a result achieved only the first step towards the next goal.

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Royal Mayfair

Olivier Creed is inspired by Windsor, a fragrance commissioned to the Maison by the Duke of Windsor some 80 years earlier, to create Royal Mayfair. Drawing inspiration from the person who went down in history as being an icon for elegance and refinement of the XX century, this bold perfume was born, with an important floral presence, dedicated to a man who doesn’t follow fashion trends but has the charisma to dictate them. The name Mayfair is a reference to British Style par excellence.

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Royal Princess Oud

This perfume is inspired by the Maison’s sketches of fascinating tailored clothes made in the 19th century. In addition to protecting oud, a rare and precious ingredient, the bottle is tinged bright red, the colour chosen by every woman when she wants to be noticed. The Master Perfumer’s "olfactory invitation" is to dress in red, addressing those who intend to leave their mark.

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Aventus for Her

The female perfume makes its debut, which can, without any fear, be found side by side with the leader Aventus with dignity. Aventus for Her is inspired by the legendary queen of the Amazons Talestri, represented on the label, Alexander the Great’s royal companion, who is in turn depicted on Aventus and is designed for a woman with a strong character, free and guided by a great inner force. Someone who has the courage to give voice to her desires and the determination to make them come true.

Scopri Aventus for Her Millesime


A fragrance in tension between a sense of glacial cold and scorching heat, immortalizing the unstoppable instinct that led the untamable warriors of the North to cross the borders of the known world, challenging the unknown. It is dedicated to a bold, fearless man who lives a full life and never gives up on pursuing his ambitions. He’s in a constant challenge with himself to break his limits down, in every circumstance of his existence.

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Aventus Cologne

Aventus’s myth becomes a trilogy with this unisex fragrance that completes its counterparts by offering a fresher, but equally persistent version of Aventus. A cologne only by name, the third born takes up its olfactory theme by moving into more citrusy and spicy tones with incense hints, giving the wearer a unique and distinctive olfactory experience. Aventus Cologne will be chosen by a sporty, dynamic and nonconformist audience, who stand out for their strong personality and love for adventure.

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