Creed Boutique

An unforgettable experience

Boutique Creed welcomes you into an elegant and refined atmosphere and invites you to immerse yourself in the world of the renowned fragrances, synonymous with high quality and excellence. Thanks to the skills of our beauty experts you’ll be accompanied to live a unique sensory journey.

Boutique Creed Rome

The new Italian Creed Boutique has opened in via del Babuino, one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the Eternal City.
Calé and Creed write together a significant new chapter in their more than thirty-year collaboration. After the opening in Milan in 2014 of the first flagship store outside France, the Milanese company inaugurated the second Italian Boutique Creed in Rome on 14 October 2020. Silvio Levi, CEO of Calé, says: “Today we are honoured to celebrate the long friendship with the brand founders’ family opening in Rome, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, the second Italian Creed Boutique. Such an historical city could not wait any longer for the flagship store of a brand that has contributed to writing the history of perfumery ".
The project for the new store is conceived and coordinated by the French architect Can Onaner who, with the operational support and close collaboration of the architect Domenico Farinaro (studio C +), has translated the dialectic between modernity and tradition cherished to Creed family Credo, into the design of the Boutique. Onaner has inserted some elements that find as model the Austrian architect Adolf Loos vision, a source of inspiration for every Boutique Creed in the world that finds full expression in Rome.
Crossing the threshold of the store, the visitor is invited to discover five different environments. From the vestibule to the entrance, you are welcomed into a room with a vaulted ceiling, a checkerboard marble floor and brass mosaic walls with square niches displaying the brand's novelties. The third room hosts a vaulted ceiling and walls covered with brass grilles reflected in mirrored surfaces. The marble element is repeated in the counters and in the flooring. The fourth space presents the usual stylistic features of Creed: marble columns, plastered beams, a coffered ceiling with brass grilles, mirrors. The store ends in a Private Lounge with green velvets and brass walls, surmounted by a pyramidal light box in glass, brass and mirrors.
Like the Milanese flagship store, Boutique Creed in Rome hosts a museum space that invites you to immerse in the fascinating history of the brand.

Calé has introduced "Essenza" during the boutique grand opening, a short film starring Ana Caterina Morariu and directed by Alessandro Angelini (Watch the video).

Boutique Creed
Via del Babuino 179/A
00187 Rome - Italy
Monday – Sunday: 10.30 am – 7.30 pm
Tel. +39 06
Whatsapp +39 3421075915

Boutique Creed Milan

Milan’s Boutique Creed is the first flagship store to open in Europe entirely dedicated to the renowned artistic perfumery brand outside the French borders.
After the first opening in 2014 in the sophisticated and elegant via Madonnina in the Brera area, from April 2019 Creed Boutique has moved to via della Spiga 52, in the heart of the prestigious Quadrilatero della Moda.
The store on two levels incorporates some significant formal elements derived from the stylistic dictates of the great Austrian architect Adolf Loos that the architect Can Onaner, commissioned by the Creed family, has defined for Creed boutiques around the world. The Milanese store was designed by the architect Domenico Farinaro who planned all the stores of Calé, the Italian distributor to which the Creed family entrusted the care of its brand over thirty years ago. This boutique has unique stylistic features but it maintains the characteristic bronze display grid that you can find in all Creed flagship stores which becomes the ordering element of the interior spaces.
Museum and Private Lounge
Framed by two large, bright windows, the entrance and ground floor welcome customers while the first floor, designed as a private lounge, houses Creed’s fragrance museum.
Silvio Levi, CEO of Calé: “My family has been collecting Creed’s precious historical memories since 1985, unique in the world, collecting and buying unobtainable vintage bottles, some of which are no longer in production. We are custodians of fragrances that made the brand’s history incomparable, but whose formulas continue to be jealously kept in the Maison's archives. An exhibition of which I am very proud of and that gives way to an appreciation of the brand’s evolution over the years. "
Among the fragrances on display you can admire unforgettable masterpieces such as Cuir de Russie, Cyprès-Musc, Bois de Santal and Tabarome Original.

Boutique Creed Milano
Via della Spiga 52
20121 Milan - Italy
Monday – Sunday: 10.30 am – 7.30 pm
Tel. +39 02
Whatsapp +39 3404070030

Boutique Creed Venice

The third Italian Creed Boutique has opened in the prestigious Calle Vallaresso in Venice
Lapped by the waves of the Grand Canal and nestled among the narrow streets of the Serenissima, the new Venetian Creed Boutique consists of a single rectangular space in Calle Vallaresso, a stone's throw from Piazza San Marco and Harry's Bar.
Like the previous ones, the Creed boutique project in Venice also takes up the theme of the synthesis between tradition and modernity which is the basis of the brand's philosophy itself. A synthesis that translates, in architectural language, into a reference to a specific historical moment that was identified by the creator of the concept, the French architect Can Onaner, in Vienna at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century and in particular in the atmosphere created from the works of Adolf Loos and Joseph Hoffman.
The Boutique was created, together with Can Onaner, by the architect Domenico Farinaro of the C+ studio, using traditional architectural elements reassembled in a contemporary key, seeking the contrast between the thickness and grandeur of the marble and the finesse and delicacy of the lines and of satin brass surfaces. The internal space is divided into rectangular bays where the expression of the architecture is given by the language of the material: the veins of the marble, the reflections of the brass and the mirrors, the regularity of the brass grids manifest themselves with their precious materiality its own ornamental strength.
As Silvio Levi, president of Calé, declares: «We are proud, as distributor of the Creed brand since 1991, to have opened the first Creed Boutique in Milan in 2014 and to celebrate today the opening, first in Europe, of the third Italian Creed Boutique, in Venice in October 2023.
The reception that these Creed boutiques had from the public was almost surprising and we were also very gratified to have inaugurated with the boutique in Rome a joint setup between our architect and that of Creed which led to a reference aesthetic that now characterizes every new Creed opening in the world and has been reinterpreted according to the spaces and position in our new Venetian store.”

Boutique Creed
Calle Vallaresso 1318/A
30124 Venezia
Monday – Sunday: 10.30 – 19.30
Tel. +39 041 0986417
Whatsapp: +39 3425275923