Vogue for Milan, 2019

​​​​​​​A special evening was staged for the 11th edition of “Vogue for Milan”, scheduled for 12th September 2019, with a series of initiatives open to all, where Milan was celebrated as the capital of “Made in Italy”.

This was an appointment that Boutique Creed, with its windows overlooking Via Spiga in the heart of the fashion district, couldn’t miss. It welcomed visitors, leading them to discover the new perfumes of the Collection Acqua Originale. The full-bodied eau de parfum, in spite of its name "Acqua", demonstrates how purity, crystallinity and freshness are transformed, with Maestro Olivier Creed’s expert hands, into highly persistent and concentrated creations, making them the protagonists of an event dedicated to the excellence of raw materials, manifesting exactly what distinguishes Creed’s fragrances. The perfect marriage between strawberries and champagne welcomed guests in Via Spiga’s fragrant lounge.