Boutique Creed and the concert “Musica e Sogno”

The “Musica e Sogno” concert was staged, under the direction of Maestro Roberto Porroni, in the Filodrammatici Theatre’s suggestive setting in Milan.

​​​​​​​Boutique Creed is in the front row too, enthusiastically promoting and supporting the city’s artistic and cultural activities.
During the concert, the spectators, enraptured by the musical notes that spread across them, were invited to "listen" to two creations by Creed: the famous compositions Rêverie and Nuit d'étoiles by Claude Debussy were respectively associated with the historic perfume house’s fragrances Spring Flower and Royal Mayfair. Musical and olfactory notes are used simultaneously for a unique multisensory experience.
The spectators were provided with samples of the fragrances on paper made of pure cellulose and the following texts:
Rêverie by C. Debussy and Spring Flower
The imagination, dreaminess and amazement that comes with discovering something new, are what inspire the spontaneous harmony of this Debussy composition and are found in Spring Flower, the fragrance created by Creed where mystery and seduction, light and sweetness, merge into a positive smile. You’ll immediately notice fruity notes, followed by a floral bouquet, where the hypnotic, nocturnal jasmine flower is combined with the rose’s seductive magic in a game of olfactory chiaroscuro that culminates with the arrival of a persistent musk note.
Nuit d’étoiles by C. Debussy and Royal Mayfair
The scents brought by the breeze of a starry night taste of breaths of love and serene melancholy.
Debussy's lyric, that you are listening to now, sings about the totalizing force of an overwhelming love, like the one that led King Edward VII to abdicate the throne of England, thus becoming the Duke of Windsor.
Creed dedicates Royal Mayfair to this style icon, a regal fragrance where you can perceive the strength of the tuberose, the carnality of the jasmine and the sophisticated character of the rosebuds, supported by wood and musk, that give life to a solid, reliable and rigorous heart.