Aventus Cologne - The myth of Aventus continues and becomes a trilogy

​​​​​​​Aventus Cologne, Maison Creed’s new fragrance, is a cologne only by name.

Made in the same concentration as Aventus and Aventus For Her, Aventus Cologne was conceived and desired by Olivier Creed as a fresher, but equally persistent version of Aventus. It picks up the olfactory theme but moves it onto more citrusy, spicy tones with incense hints, giving a unique and distinctive olfactory experience to those who wear it. This allows you to add a sparkling and singular trait to Aventus Cologne, while maintaining Aventus’s recognizability and great character. Therefore, it's called Cologne to create an evident contrast that almost turns into a provocation and is dedicated to a sporty, dynamic and unconventional audience that stand out for their strong personality and love for adventure.